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Fabulous "Quick - Sketch Artist," Elliot Silberman has been honing his skills at art fairs, events and Renaissance Festivals for 40 years. Elliot specializes in 5 minute portraits, drawing about 10–14 quality portraits per hour! This entertaining portrait artist is a hit at wedding receptions, parties, even corporate events. Make your event truly special by giving your guests a portrait of themselves or their children to commemorate the day! Elliot is sure to keep the crowd dazzled, with his expert skill, quick Wit, and maybe even a "one-man-band" song or two!

Some examples are done in 3 minutes. See if you can tell. At Art Shows he charges $20 per person; a far cry from $1. in 1974.

Hire Elliot's talents for your SPECIAL EVENT:

A GREAT GIFT IDEA for a business that wants to GIVE BACK to those hired and dedicated workers..... Parties, Bar & Bat-Mitzva, FAMILY REUNIONS, CELEBRATE YOUR EVENT by giving your guests a Portrait of themselves or their children... Promotions(hire Elliot To keep a Crowd dazzled, to offer a half price Portrait, for a nominal store purchase, a good marketing idea. Graduations, WEDDING RECEPTIONS and Private Sittings. It’s very exciting and fun to watch.
"No one can get the resemblance Elliot can in 5 minutes"

Four hourly rates, Call for quote 480-766-6000

Icehouse Studio is located on the hill, overlooking beautiful Lake Superior. From here flows the ART and MUSIC of Elliot Silberman...PORTRAITS...ORIGINAL PAINTINGS and PRINTS and the music of de Elliot Brothers CD's.

Hire a local artist ~ Portrait Sketches in 5 minutes


I have worked closely with Elliot Silberman for over 30 years. I have used his music on several fishing videos, and on my fishing radio show soundtracks, and for background music on my professional fishing videos. I call Elliot my friend. He has been a welcome overnight guest in my home on many occasions. He is a very talented and entertaining person in his music and his artist abilities. I have been impressed with his wit, humor, character, and spiritual presence.

Elliot is very good at telling stories and entertaining kids as he draws and sings his many songs. My three children have loved to have Elliot come visit these many years.

Elliot is very protective of ALL his models. He realizes it is very embarrassing for anyone to sit in the hot seat, with not only the artist staring at you, but mom and dad, and many strangers too. He does not force anyone to smile when he just tries to make all comfortable. You can’t force a smile. That will only cover up the REAL person inside.

I met Elliot Silberman at Minnesota Renaissance well over twenty years ago! For most of my career at the Renaissance, Elliot owned his portrait shop next door to my pottery shop. Always, he has been a talented portrait artist, a crowd pleasing entertainer, and a person with great musical talent. Elliot is very sensitive to kids and to anyone sitting in the “Hot Seat” getting sketched. It is possible for anyone to be shy, kids or adults, sitting on display being stared at during a portrait. Elliot is very very protective of everyone’s feelings, and he has a way of talking to each sitter, and making sure no one tries to force a smile as it only hinders the real person deeper inside, making them more uncomfortable. His ability to connect verbally with people without being overbearing makes it possible for him to capture intriguing moments in his work.

Elliot Silberman ~ Sketch Artist